Friday, February 5, 2010

Enter The Brigadiers

Tonight's writing has brought Erin and her friends face to face with the premier super-team in the world I'm creating - The Brigadiers. They're the Justice League, and the Avengers - everybody knows them and I'm trying to play up a few specific things here.

I don't think that it's hotly argued that superheroes and their stories are the mythology of the modern age. Thesus lost his father because he forgot to hoist the right colored sail on his return from slaying the minotaur in Crete. Peter Parker lost Gwen Stacy because the Green Goblin knew who he was. Hercules performed his legendary 12 labors to atone for having killed his own children in a madness inflicted on him by Hera. Bruce Wayne fights crime in Gotham because he wasn't able to save his own parents from it.

So Superheroes are the gods and demigods of the modern age. I'm trying to play this up as I describe the Brigadiers' fortress (carved into an asteroid in stable orbit around the Earth.)

Here's an excerpt:

The Brigadiers conference room was massive. The vaulted ceiling reached upwards to space, ending in a transparent view of the eternal night sky. The crystals that provided soft light in the other parts of the compound that Erin had seen only lined the walls here. Several brilliant light fixtures were suspended from the ceiling. The floor here was tiled, forming a path leading through the center of the room towards a raised dais.

Upon the dais sat a table in the shape of a half-circle with the straight edge facing the door. Behind the table stood seven large chairs facing the entrance, and in those chairs sat the Brigadiers.

What do you think? Am I overdoing it? My notion is that of a room with seven thrones, in which these gods of modern myth look down on the Earth. Aside from playing around with the mythology angle that I already like, I think it foreshadows that Erin and her friends' concerns won't be viewed as 'important' by these other heroes.

Anyhow, here's tonight's word count:

Tonight's Word Count: 1,000

Total Word Count: 22,985

Oddly, I found I was at precisely a thousand words when I decided to break. (The excerpt above is the tail-end of my night's work.) I still haven't filled the tale of The Brigadiers, so I need to try to think on that a bit before I sit down to write again.


  1. So who are the Brigadiers all ready?
    No, I don't think you're overdooing it.

  2. Good deal. As for who are the Brigadiers, I'm working on that. I'm hoping to have that all worked out tonight.