Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Unexpected Award

In yesterday's post I mentioned that Stefanie over at 52 Weeks of Wordage passed an award along to me and I really wanted to do an entire post related to it. I really appreciate that. I started this blog to document how frequently I started writing. The only folks I expected to look at it were those who already had a personal interest in my writing. And while it's hardly the most frequently read blog on the web, I'm still humbled whenever I see a comment or a follower. So, first off, thanks to everybody who reads this.

Of course, there's a form to be followed - I have to list ten things that make me happy, and then pass the award along to five bloggers who make me happy. Despite my panicking yesterday, I think I can manage it.

So here it is:

What Makes Jason Happy?

  1. Hilary - It's certainly cliche to say that your wife/girlfriend/fiance/partner makes you happy, but that doesn't make it any less true. She brightens my life in no end of ways, and her unflagging support is the single most substantial reason I'm trying to write at all. I can't think of anything or anybody that makes me happier.
  2. Writing - January was probably the best month I've had in years. I attribute it largely to the fact that I wrote regularly. I know I'm not writing the next New York Times Bestseller, or the next great novel to be taught in literature programs around the world, but just the act of writing makes me feel better.
  3. Our Cats - In our home, we have ten furry bundles of joy. While Hilary and I both acknowledge it's way too many, we love each and every one.
  4. My Job - For all that I gripe about it, I've got a job that provides me with time to read, time to write, and medical insurance. It also provides me with long hours, so I knock out a work week in four days, tops. I don't care for the pay, and the actual 'work' can get on my nerves, but I'm happier with it than without it.
  5. You - Any time I see that somebody's not only reading my blog, but commenting on it, I get a little boost. Thanks for that!
  6. Our House - We've got a nice, large (if overly cluttered) house. Every day I go to sleep in my own bed, and pull warm blankets over myself. I've worked in a homeless shelter, and it shows you how important this really is.
  7. Our parents - Hilary and I both have some really great parents who've gone far above & beyond the call to help us out. They're great folks, and we're lucky to have them.
  8. My (relative) health - I'm a creature of habit, and most of them are absolutely horrible. My taste buds seem genetically destined to long for only the very worst, deeply fried foods. I prefer sitting and reading, writing, or just about anything to exercising. But defying all logic, my last doctor's visit revealed that most of my 'numbers' for Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, etc. are remarkably normal despite it.
  9. Stories that surprise me - I'm very much an eclectic person when it comes to my taste in television, movies and books. I'm not sure if it's a talent for writing, or just vast exposure to stories in many media, but much of the time I feel like I can make a pretty good guess at where a story is going. I absolutely love it when a story takes a sudden left turn, and leaves me holding my jaw.
  10. My nephew - I haven't seen him nearly enough, but a week ago he ran Hilary and I ragged (along with his grandparents and my sister.) I'm now starting to buy comic books for him, in the hopes of bringing him to the dark side. :)
My car would've made the list, but for it's performance yesterday. If it recovers for under a thousand dollars, maybe it'll make it next time. :)

Now it's time to list off five bloggers who make me happy:

  • First and foremost, I have to pass it back along to Stef at 52 Weeks of Wordage. I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but it's my blog so I say I can. She's inspired me to try the writing exercises I've been neglecting lately, as well as to start posting some excerpts.
  • Caine is second only to Hilary for inspiring me to get on my butt and write. His own blog, Blaque Spaces, covers a gamut of cool comic book stuff, and technology that's stepped right out of the pages of comics. He's also working on a webcomic pitch for Zuda, and when he has that ready, I won't shut up about it.
  • Miriam S. Forster's blog, Dancing With Dragons Is Hard On Your Shoes was brought to my attention by Caine by way of a post she wrote pointing out that writing even 500 words a day over the course of a year is a mighty achievement. I always look forward to a new post.
  • Jen over at unedited inspires me with the brave way she puts her work up there to see. It's another blog I read regularly.
  • I've only been following Jamie Grove's How Not To Write for a brief while, but when he posts, it's usually a good swift boot to the hindquarters - and I need that from time to time. Does it make me happy? In the long run, yes it does.
Thanks again for the award, Stef! Now it's time to get to the writing. :)

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