Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forward Progress

Well, I may not have made up for last night's lack of anything, but I've done enough for tonight. (Though peeking out the window behind me reveals that the sun is up, maybe I should say 'today' instead.) I'm tired, and I really need to get to sleep soon.

I hate alarm clocks. Despite is actually a closer word for the intense feeling I hold for them. One of the few advantages of the posting I worked for the past 18 months or so, was that I didn't need one. I went to sleep as soon as I got home, and woke up when I woke up. The way these clocks jar you out of your sleep and back into the waking world sets a horrible start to your day. Whatever I wind up doing, I hope I can avoid an alarm clock.

A sharp, piercing cry penetrated her sleep. She rolled first one way, and then another, trying to escape it but it pursued her no matter how she lay. Finally, she cracked one eye to see that six hours had passed, and her clock was trying to wake her up for work. Please, just let me sleep.

The clock was unmoved by her pleas, and instead redoubled it’s beeping. “I’ll put the clock across the room. That way, in order to turn it off, I’ll have to get out of bed and wake up.” That was a brilliant idea. Struggling free of the blankets, she sat up before pushing herself onto her feet. Her lithe, nimble feet thudded numbly across the floor as she groped for the clock and switched off the alarm. God, I want to get back in bed. Let me just get a drink, first, and then I’ll decide. She moved to the kitchen, and pulled a clean cup out of the cabinet. But when she opened the tap, nothing happened.

That’s odd. She tried the cold-water tap again, but nothing came out. Snarling slightly, she tried the warm water, also to no result. Did I forget to pay the water bill, or something? Shrugging, she opened the fridge and winced at the brightness of the light. “And it’s all caffeinated. Okay, clock, you won.” Pulling out a diet coke, she twisted off the top and took a deep sip as she walked over to the light switch.

Tonight's Word Count: 569

Total Word Count: 28,004

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