Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Night Off (Mostly)

Tonight, I largely excused myself from writing. Over the past week and a half, my primary goal has been to do some work consistently - and that's a goal I've succeeded in thus far. While I've had nights where I clearly got less work done than on others, and no night has resulted in massive progress, I've worked consistently towards a single project.

Tomorrow, we'll be going out of town to see Hilary's parents. It's going to involve a disruption of my nocturnal lifestyle, but for a good reason. I'm not sure how much work I might get done, so I'm going to try to set this weekend (and possibly next weekend, when we plan to see my family) aside for the purpose of thinking/day-dreaming about what I've got thus far. (The notion being that without sitting down to work, I might come up with some good ideas.)

Tonight, however, I did talk to Hilary about my antagonist and one of the big questions I was having about my plot. She was an immense help - pointing out something that I should have seen. So there was still progress made.

This will probably be my last post until Monday morning, so Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to anybody out there!

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