Sunday, December 20, 2009

Protagonists - Completed

With more gracious help from my friend Caine, I believe I've decided on all of my protagonists. Part of me feels a little guilty for taking the help - as though I think I'm somehow cheating by talking to a friend, and taking the great ideas he gives me. I think I put my own twist on them.

But with all of my protagonists decided upon, tomorrow I'm going to start working on charting the dynamics of the group - what does everyone think about everyone else. Who wants to spur them into action, and who thinks that interfering in things is a mistake.

I'll probably also revisit my plotting. I think that these character ideas have given me ideas that could very well influence the shape of the story. This is possibly the most exciting part for me thus far. The thing I enjoyed the most in writing the comic book scripts I've done was finding ways to connect my story into a larger universe. Making connections between things that might not seem related at first glance is something that I find really fun.

Going forward, I need to try to remember to give myself something fun to start on for the next session. Something I read tonight is sticking with me. To paraphrase, if you have trouble starting from a clean sheet, then leave the work in the middle of a scene. I think it's supposed to give you a place to jump back in (and ideally a place you're eager to jump back in). My planned work for tomorrow is stuff I think I'll be itching to start with.


  1. Don't feel guilty, I'm not giving you THAT much, you're doing all the heavy lifting.

  2. Cool. I just want to make sure I'm not getting you to write it for me. ;) After having read all the chapters on different types of writers in 'Forest For The Trees' I think I might be more of a 'Neurotic' than an 'Ambivalent'. At least I'm feeling that way now.