Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Act One - Completed

Well, at least for my first draft. I know I'm going to have to revisit it - especially the first week and a half, or so. But my story is taking shape. And while the past week or so provided me with the comfortable sensation of having a better idea of how that part of my story was going to work, I now find myself preparing to start on Act Two. Once again, I've got a general idea of where I'm starting from, where I'm going to, and a few of the events - but the immediate future is clouded.

I'm both excited and nervous. I think I was a little more confident as the story beat I was heading for grew closer. Now it's out of my sight again, though I know roughly what direction to head out in. I'll be fine, I'm sure, it'll just be a matter of getting started next time I sit down to write.

This next chapter's going to introduce this world's more prominent superheroes. Erin and her friends are thinking they might be out of their depth, and it's time to look for some help. This is going to be challenging for another reason - I only know who one of those characters is, and only in the sense of a one-sentence summary. (That'd be Achilles, referenced in Erin's trip to the dentist on this blog.) A couple months ago, that'd paralyze me until I did some pre-writing on each of them. Now... I think I'm more ready to just roll up my sleeves, and see what I come out with. Though it's going to mean re-reading what I have, and writing down the names of any superheroes I've already referenced. (If anybody wants to do that for me, please let me know? I'm not sure if I'm ready to actually read my own material yet.)

My next writing session will be from the writing room back home, with a lot fewer interruptions. But I don't think I've got anything to complain about tonight. Here's the word count:

Tonight's Word Count: 1,564

Total Word Count: 17,555

And it's a record-breaking night. Not only did I exceed my best nightly word-count, but I polished off my first act. That might call for a reward.


  1. At my writing desk the reward is chocolate:) Choose something good and celebrate!

  2. This was a big milestone for me, so I splurged a bit more heavily than chocolate. (New video game I'd been wanting.) They won't all be that big though.