Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writing Exercise - Your Character Visits The Dentist

Tonight, I'm warming up with another exercise courtesy of C. M. Mayo. Here's tonight's appetizer:

January 24 "Your Character Visits the Dentist"
Your character visits the dentist. Write the scene

Let's get started.

Erin stared up at the institutional ceiling and tried to relax. The chemicals she'd been given by Achilles helped to negate the effects of the sedatives, and she was attempting to lie still and calm. The fluorescent lighting gave an unnatural palor to the room. She hated going to the dentist to begin with, but this one was something else.

Quietly, she heard the door behind her open and soft footfalls moving about the room. "Is she ready?" a man's voice asked in hushed tones. She heard a drawer open, and saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye.

With no prelude, she whipped her foot up, catching the dentist square on the side of the head and sending him reeling. She spun her body around, leaping to her feet. "You thought we wouldn't notice you'd come back to town, Dr. Decay?" A crash from the direction of the waiting room signaled that Achilles had also made his entrance. "Or did you think we wouldn't notice you trying your games as a dentist instead of a doctor? Time to throw a little chaos into your plans."

And scene.

Erin's the main character from my current project, a story regarding a group of former superheroes. This is an 'untold tale' of her life as a sidekick to the costumed her known as 'Achilles'. They both play important roles in my project, and I thought that it would be fun to portray the dentist as a super-villain. After all, who hasn't wanted to kick their dentist in the head? :)


  1. I definitely don't like dentists so I enjoyed this story!!!

  2. Thanks! When you're writing a story with superheroes, even a trip to the dentist has to include a fight. :)