Monday, January 18, 2010

A Milestone

I passed a milestone tonight - I've written over 10,000 words for this story.

The length of this story is something I'm uncertain of. I think I have the major plot beats laid out, but that doesn't tell me how long it'll actually take to tell the story. The benchmark I'm using is the 50,000 word barrier used to determine success in NaNoWriMo - but that's largely because I'm not sure what else to use, or what length to shoot for. I'm certainly interested in hearing anybody else's guidelines or suggestions in that regard.

Right now, I'm just planning to follow the story as far as I can track it. It's already gone through changes since I first tried to figure it all out. And some of my favorite bits to write were bits of character work that helped me (and will hopefully help a reader) to get under my characters' skins - and those weren't planned. I'm trying to put them in as it occurs to me that they might fit.

Tonight was a rough start, though. The three day weekend here in South Carolina means that the 'inmates' were up and about longer than normal on a Sunday. That, in turn, meant that I was a little nervous about trying to sit down and write until a little later. But I'm not going to complain - it was a reasonably productive night. Any night over 1,000 words is still a pretty decent one for me.

Taking a nod from a new acquaintance on the internet, I might try to perform a few writing exercises. My impression is that they only take 5 minutes. Aside from helping me to hone my verbal skills, they might help put me in a better state of mind for writing later in the night. I'm planning to give it a try with my next shift. Those will be posted here.

Here's tonight's word count:

Tonight's Word Count: 1054

Total Word Count: 10018

Regarding the Writing Room, I'm hoping to finish cleanup Wednesday or Thursday. Then all I should need is a chair.

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