Thursday, January 7, 2010

Productive On Two Fronts

I feel like I got a lot accomplished tonight.

True to my word, I started working on clearing our third bedroom to use as a writing room. I cleared four or five boxes of detritus to head out to the dump and swept about half of the floor. We had no use for this bedroom when we moved into the house, so we decided to use it for temporary storage of things we wouldn't need immediately.

The storage was decidedly more than temporary. And the pile was in fact added to over the past few years. These pictures should adequately
convey how bad it had gotten. (Be thankful that the lighting isn't good.) But there's a noticeable difference after an hour or so of work. (I stopped because the dust was becoming problematic, and I anticipated Hilary would be going to sleep soon.)

It's clearly going to take a few days (and possibly more time than I've got in this 'weekend') to overhaul the room enough to make it a functional place to write. But the fact that I can see an appreciable difference after one night's efforts is a big encouragement. And since the room I'm currently writing in is a 'finished' garage, this new writing room will hold heat and cold better - making a more comfortable environment to work in.

But that's not the only area where I made progress tonight. While my word count was down a bit further from last night, this is a 'weekend' and I didn't start until a bit later (on account of the fact that I was cleaning and seeing to other chores.) I think I've got a better idea on how I want the second chapter to unfold. Talking out some of my thoughts with Hilary helped some on that score as well. That's one of the advantages of being home when I write, I guess.

But this makes four nights that I've consistently added to my story. I've managed to maintain focus, and interest in what I'm writing which is already a big improvement over my attempt to write something for NaNoWriMo. And the ability to maintain focus is primarily what I'm looking for, here. I know that two chapters don't make a novel/novella, but at least the early metrics are promising.

Anyhow, here's the word count for the night:

Tonight's Word Count: 436

Total Word Count: 3358

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