Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My First Setback

About half an hour, my laptop ran into a Blue Screen Of Death, wiping out a fair chunk of progress. Save early, save often, right?

Part of me wanted to just shut down, and entertain myself for the remainder of the shift. I resisted the urge, though. I still remembered the basics of what was lost, if not all of the exact verbiage so I went about trying to replace it lest I forget.

I started writing a little earlier tonight, which is what I need to do. And while I may not have as many words saved as I wrote, I still crossed the 12,000 word mark. Tonight's writing involved trying to figure out an argument that basically splits up my protagonists with some bad feelings. (My main protagonist will help to discover she's a better leader than she gives herself credit for by pulling them back together - or at least I think that's what's going to happen.) I'm not sure how well that works, or if it feels contrived - but I do think that the group needs a little internal strife, and they've been getting along a little too well. If I'm letting you read for me, let me know what you think about it (when you get to that point), since that's one thing I'm unsure of.

Here's tonight's word count:

Tonight's Word Count: 726

Total Word Count: 12,045

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