Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Writing

I took a break after my writing exercise below to do a little housework and relax some. I sat back down a little while ago to try to get to work on a scene between Erin and her former mentor Achilles. He's the man who saw her, and was so impressed that he trained her as his sidekick. But the past couple years have changed things between them. Erin's left the superhero life behind her, and Achilles' presence alone is enough to make her uncomfortable.

I wanted this scene to really work, so I asked Hil to read what I had down, and bounced some ideas off of her. She had some helpful feedback, and I think she helped set me on the right path. At the very least, the scene finished writing itself.

Now I'm changing locations to Floyd's Diner. It's a 24-hour greasy spoon, that's frequented by the cape-and-mask crowd from time to time. (Or at least, those on the right side of the law.) As a consequence, Floyd's is probably the safest eatery in the city after dark. Most of the time, they pick up their food via the rear door and run, but occasionally they have a seat at the counter next to anybody else who's looking for a hamburger at 3:30am. They're harder to find than you might think.

Here's tonight's word count:

Tonight's Word Count: 705

Total Word Count: 13,993

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