Friday, January 29, 2010

Act Two Takes Shape

I think I have a more specific idea of how this second act is going to progress. I had some of the story-beats I wanted to hit worked out, but now I think I've got a better idea of how I'm going to get there.

This part of the project is going to test Erin's resolve. I told Hilary roughly how I think things are going to go, and I'm not sure she liked it. I don't think it's because she dislikes the story, though, I just don't think she wants Erin to be taxed the way I think she needs to be.

This story's moved away from my original vision, but it also hasn't. The seed, the idea that the whole thing leapt forth from is still there, but the focus on Erin is making it more about her and less about the other characters. I think it's fitting, since as soon as I finished writing my first draft of her 'bio', I said that I could write so much about her. This really feels like the story of how she really comes into her own, and that does tend to mean some hardships coming.

I tried to reassure Hilary that Erin would not only overcome her trials, but that she'd be made stronger by them. Or at least that I thought she would. That didn't quite reassure her, though I think it gives me a bit more confidence early on into this stage.

As a question for anyone reading, at what point do you officially call a story or writing project a book? I'm into my 40th typed page in Word. (Single-spaced, formatted for a typical sheet of paper.) I was wondering that as I typed this.

Here's this morning's word count:

Tonight's Word Count: 834

Total Word Count: 19,236

20,000 words is on the horizon, and it doesn't feel like it's taken long at all to reach it. Outstanding. I'm not sure if I'll be writing the next couple of nights, though. We're making another attempt to go visit my parents tomorrow evening, and returning Saturday night. I'll take the laptop for opportunistic writing, though.

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