Sunday, January 10, 2010

Internet Issues

I'd planned to at least write a blog post this morning before bed, but a recurring issue with our cable package left me frustrated to the point that I didn't want to write, and I couldn't post to the blog.

Put simply, on the nights when the temperature gets cold, our home phone, internet and HD television channels become unusable. There isn't a problem with the lines, but the services just disappear. The return at some point in the morning and everything's fine again when I wake up. But after another night arguing with the technical support for our service provider, I was in no mood to write. (This issue is the primary reason that I'm keeping my actual 'writing' local, as opposed to keeping it online.

I'm hoping to start writing tonight in a couple of hours after two days off. I also haven't done much cleaning in the Writing Room over the couple days either. I've amassed a small mountain of garbage on our porch to be disposed of, and I need some clear space to put things that aren't going to be our problem any longer.

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