Friday, January 29, 2010

Writing Exercise - The Five Dollar Bill

And here's tonight's writing exercise (courtesy of C.M. Mayo's website):

January 29 "The Five Dollar Bill"
A five dollar bill changes hands five times in one day. Make a list of where, when, who hands it over, and for what. For example:
~Where: Starbucks, New Jersey Turnpike
~When: 7:30 am;
~Who: Bob, a truck driver;
~What: a cup of coffee (black) and a bean burrito.
If you can complete this exercise in less than five minutes, go back and add more detail to describe the places and the people.

Starting now:

Where: McDonalds off a nearby interstate
When: 5am
Who: Jim, road-tripping back to see his parents after a 3 year absence
What: 2 Sausage Biscuits and a large coffee

Where: Mcdonalds off a nearby interstate
When: 6:17 am
Who: Sam, the McDonalds clerk working the drive-through register
What: Payback - angry at his boss for yelling at him, he takes the money from the register and pockets it.

Where: Corner of Senate and Park St.
When: 2:28 pm
Who: Millins, the dealer Steve buys pot from
What: Part of the payment for some 'comfort' for the weekend.

Where: Movie Theater
When: 5:15pm
Who: Rachel, the clerk at the ticket office
What: A ticket to see a movie with his girlfriend

And... time.

I thought I knew what the last stage was going to be - but on reflection, Rachel would've needed a reason to be taking money from her register, and I've already had one person steal the bill already. Five minutes went by kindof fast on this one.

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