Friday, January 15, 2010

Ten Nights Writing

Well, I'm still close to the beginning, but this is a little milestone. I've been actually writing to produce this story for almost two weeks and I've chalked up ten nights of actual writing. I'm pretty happy about it - I've managed to retain my focus, and work towards a single project. I feel a little awkward being self-congratulatory, but I'm happy.

I'm also happy with what I've written for the past couple nights. Up until then, I regarded my work with a degree of trepidation. I just told myself that I'd put it out of my mind until I finished the first pass on the story, and then I'd see about re-working everything to the point that I wouldn't cringe at it.

But I'm pretty happy with the past two night's writing. I think I'm managing to get things across clearly, but with a little more subtlety. I could be wrong, but I'm feeling a lot better about not only the act of writing, but of the writing itself. Hilary read up through the end of last night's work, and she liked it. She gave me one piece of feedback, and it was something I'd honestly considered myself. I wasn't going to any lengths to describe my characters physically, unless there was something unusual about their appearance. When I'm revising, I may add more of that to the beginning, but I'm trying to work more of it in.

I'm not planning on writing tonight (Friday). Hilary and I are planning to meet up with a friend of hers to hit up a karaoke bar. We haven't been in too long, and it's something we've all really enjoyed in the past. I work a short four-hour shift on Saturday. We'll see if I write Saturday night or not. If the mood takes me, I will - if not, I'll just chill.

Here's today's word count.

Tonight's Word Count: 1216

Total Word Count: 8964

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