Monday, January 11, 2010

A Rough Start Into A Productive Night

I had a hard time getting started tonight. I don't think that I really got going until about 3:30 am, when I wanted to start four hours earlier. I'm trying to figure out why, but I think it was a combination of missing my first dose of medicine this afternoon, having new comic books to read, and a bit of dissatisfaction with one or two of my characters.

The first... I've got one more day's worth of pills, and there was a little SNAFU with my replacement prescription. I need to get the doctor to resolve that this afternoon after I wake up, and drive the corrected prescription over to the pharmacy so Hil can bring them home when she gets off work. But with the number of pills I had left, I had to skip that dose in order to have my later ones.

The comics, surprisingly weren't a bigger distraction. I think I read one issue after 11pm, and that's it. I love my comics, and receiving my monthly shipment of new books usually occupies me intensely. The fact that I was able to put them down says something to me.

The dissatisfaction with characters... I chalk that up to one part neurosis and one part accurately realizing that the character of the Masked Mystic might need an overhaul. I'll think on it. Maybe it'll be something I save for revisions.

The story's working out the way I envisioned it so far, but it's also diverging too. I originally saw it as a big of a comedy-adventure. But thus far I'm not sure I'm hitting the 'funny' much. I've certainly written some bits that amuse me, but my sense of humor probably isn't the best judge for other people. I'll wait to hear feedback to see if I'm badly off target.

Tonight's Word Count: 1151

Total Word Count: 5149

That's a bit of a milestone, for me. My second 1K night, and I've gotten 10% of a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) submission in. Granted, it's taken me a full week to get there, but it's regular progress. And it's more consistent work than I think I've been able to do on other projects. Hopefully, since I'll have this medicine issue resolved, I'll make more progress tomorrow.

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