Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Solid Night

Despite a rough start, I actually managed to meet my goals for the night.

Last night, I managed to actually begin writing my story, and produced 900 words to that end. Tonight, my plan was to match that though by 3am I wasn't liking my chances. I'd let myself get distracted by my job, but also by the internet (which I really need to be better about.)

But somewhere after walking my last patrol for the night (around 3:45 am) I hit a roll. I sat down to write, and the story came. I had a few small story issues to work through in my first chapter/scene, but I managed it. I'm not sure how much I like the way I did so, but I'll worry about that later. For now, I'm just trying to produce a draft of the story and save the editing/rewriting for later. I'm still playing with Google Docs, trying to find the best way to share it with those who're willing to read it in it's current state. (Ideally I'd like to find a way to update the entry on Google Docs from a file. Some internet outages at home have convinced me that for the actual writing stage at least, I should work local.)

Once I fell into a rhythm, though, the writing proceeded well. I'm not feeling horribly about it, and I actually did one better on my word count. We'll see what tomorrow night holds for me.

Tonight's Word Count: 1200

Total Word Count: 2100

And oddly, both nights have ended on precisely even word-counts, rounded to the hundred. What's that about?

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