Friday, January 8, 2010

Work Continues When I'm Off

Last night I began work on clearing our third bedroom out to use it as a writing room. At about 5pm this evening, I went back to work towards that goal. In an hour's time I probably doubled (at least) the amount of garbage I'd hauled out onto our front porch. The UPS driver's probably going to be a little confused when he delivers my monthly shipment of comic books today.

I don't really have a metric to record my progress, so I guess the fact that I worked at it is what counts the most.

I sat down to write a bit later than usual. That's fine, though, since I'm going to be up a bit later than usual today. I need to run over to the doctor's office, which means that I'll probably be up until 10am. But I still put some writing away. Hoover sat on my lap to supervise once I really got going, and I wound up surpassing last night. I had a few interesting thoughts about a potential twist for one of my characters. I jotted down some notes, but there are a couple of issues I'll have to address if I'm going to use it. I like it, but I might not be able to work it in here.

Here's the night's progress:

Tonight's Word Count: 640

Total Word Count: 3998

Just for a comparison, my abortive NaNoWriMo attempt topped out at 1056 words, and that took two or three nights. And I'm nowhere near ready to jump ship and try to start something else.

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